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Liquidity Risk Management
The importance of eective liquidity risk management has been highlighted by the recent nancial turmoil, which began in 2007

Virgin Money selects FRSGlobal for Enterprise-wide Financial Risk Management and Regulatory Reporting Function
Banking arm of the Virgin Group choose FRSGlobal’s unified risk and regulatory reporting solution for UK retail banking operations

BGZ bank goes live with FRSGlobal for increased insight into risk exposure
Bank Gospodarki Zwynosciowej Poland, part of RaboBank group, implements RiskPro

“Reducing the Chance of Pulling the Plug on Liquidity”

Jeanne Gobat, Acting Deputy Chief in the Global Financial Stability Division, IMF

Liquidity & risk management professionals know how relevant it is to consider systemic liquidity and financial stability issues to avoid better tackle liquidity risks. That is however easily said than accomplished.

A recent short article by Jeanne Gobat, Acting Deputy Chief in the GFSD, IMF is quite useful to gain an understanding on three different approaches to measuring systemic liquidity risk. It goes even further, by giving useful remarks on the extent of the financial institutions, including non-bank financial institutions, contribution to systemic liquidity risks. You may want to read the details in the full article at the link above.

But as a top player in the competitive banking sector, you may be looking for hands-on ways to sustain funding and minimise liquidity risks. In that case, register now to the 2011 Liquidity Management & Risk 2011.

I look forward to welcoming you to Stockholm, on 21st- 23rd 2011.

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