Jesper Berg, Head of Financial Stability, Nykredit

06 Jul 2011

Jesper joined Nykredit in May 2010, where he is responsible for a new department focused on regulating and rating and which has the ultimate responsibility for liaising with the credit rating agencies and financial stability matters.

Jesper Berg was previously the Head of Financial Stability at the Danish National Bank, where he had joined in 1985. He also worked previously for three years at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and for years, from 2000-2004, as the Head of Capital Market Division of the ECB’s monetary policy directorate. Until February 2009, Jesper Bank was the head of the Danish National Bank’s commercial department, responsible for Danish currency policies, providing liquidity to the banks and managing foreign exchange reserve. Following that, he became the Head of the Division for Financial Stability. Besides his work engagements, Jesper has written several books and publications, including “The Financial Case”, about the financial crisis, together with his colleague Morten L. Bech, from the Federal Reserve in New York.

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